Massive Data Analysis

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Massive Data Analysis supports your research work by exploring 100+ million of time series within the split of a second for strong correlations:

  • to track for best series, e.g. to identify the most up-to-date GDP series within AllThatStats sources
  • to check given time series for completeness and correctness
  • to identify poorly documented or unknown time series
  • to explore and discover new exciting economic correlations
  • or get inspired and come up with new ideas into your field of research

It's possible to add/define a time shift function that might help you identify indicators correlating with a time delay, e.g. leading or lagging indicators. Make your choice.


Most sources often provide the same indicators in various databases - but not in all cases updated on the same level. In the case of multiple sources - as provided by the AllthatStats platform - most likely, more up-to-data series or series coming up with more complete data histories might be available somewhere out there. Or time series are available in various units: expressed at market/constant prices, in national currencies/international $, at constant prices, -exchange rates, -ppp, indexes, etc.

Example 1 - starting Massive Data Analysis directly

You are looking for the European Union's latest figures on "GDP per capita".

Go to "Data Analysis" and run a keyword search directly with Massive Data Analysis. Key in "gdp per capita European Union". The hit list is shown immediately. Make your choice: the second hit provides a series (for EU 28 countries) spanning the time range from 1995-2013. Press "Continue" and within seconds, Massive Data presents additional time series showing similiar GDP patterns but varying time spans and units ranked by the corresponding correlation coefficients.

Example 2 - running Massive Data Analysis directly on database level

Start a retrieval at AllThatStats' services "Databases" or "Communicate". Open your "Selection" and run "Data Analysis" by time series on the fly.

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Massive Data Analysis

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